1. Which kind of school can use this system?
    This system is designed to meet the basic needs of different kind of schools. Therefore, you shoud be able to use it regardless of the school type.
  2. How is security handled?
    System is located in a very high-level secure data center in Tokyo. All the files are encoded within the system and all the data communications are performed via secure SSL communication. Furthermore, data backup is performed daily.
  3. What kind of functions are available in the system?
    You can manage your students, teachers, courses and student accounting for course fees in the system.
    Optional scheduling functions are also available upon request.
  4. How many users can be registered on the system?
    In TechnoSMS Basic you can register one user for each school registered. If you have multiple branches you can register for each branch or try our full version TechnoSMS.
  5. What kind of support is available?
    Optional email support is available on demand.
  6. Can the data in TechnoSMS Basic transfered into the full version?
    Yes, when a user upgrades for the full version data will be transferred duely.
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