Privacy Policy

About Personal Information

Personal information is defined as information such as name and date of birth which can be used with other information to uniquely identify an individual or alternatively, an index or key which refers to such information.
The Technopian Corporation (hereinafter, This Company) collects personally identifiable information. This document outlines how such information is used.


Information collected by This Company can be used for any or all of the below purposes.
  • To allow This Company to provide the site, its contects and other services.
  • For This Company and users to handle school management operations.
  • Billing
  • Identification and authentication
  • After sales support, enquires, claims and complaints.
  • Questionnaires.
  • For Marketing purposes.
  • For programming and system development purposes.
  • For diagnosing system problems.
  • For enabling This Company to deliver services on an individual basis.

Sharing Personal Information

This company may pass personal information on to a third party in the following cases:
  • If the identified individual agrees and This Company is requested to show information by a legal entity such as the police, the courts, the government or other entities with legal powers.
  • For insurance purposes if requested by an insurance company.
  • If some, part or all related services are outsourced to a third party or if a third party is charged with protecting the data.
  • If this Company is acquired or merged with another company.
  • If required by law.
  • If deemed appropriate by This Company.

External Links

The TechnoSMS system may include links to third party, external entities. Any personal information registered with such entities, reached by means of links provided by This Company is registered with the third party and as such is subject to the Privacy Policy of said third party. As such, This Company cannot be held responsible for how that information is used.

Protection of Personal Information

This company is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and takes all reasonable technical and personnel precautions to improve data security.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Company will indicate all and any changes to the Privacy Policy on the Company Web Site

Notice to the Customer

E-school Customer ID and E-school Password (hereinafter Credentials) uniquely identify The Customer on the E-school System.
It is prohibited from divulging these Credentials to a third party and protecting them is the sole responsibility of The Customer.

Legal Jurisdiction

This system is usable in any country. However, Japan laws are applicable in case of any dispute and Yokohama Regional Court will have legal jurisdiction over such dispute.
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